New Year, New Site!

Like everything in life that grows, changes and adapts, so has my website. I've been wanting to streamline it, clean it up a bit for a while now, and here it is!

For those who remember, when I first created Flower & the Song, I had intentions of it becoming a place where I could display all my work across broad outlets. I posted completed works, works in progress, blogged about daily life events that inspired a project as often as I could and worked alongside my siblings to produce stationery for all occasions.  

Running a blog and keeping everything synced became too overwhelming. I found myself spending more time on the computer updating things instead of actually producing new work. So in an effort to focus on creating regularly, I'll be blogging less. I do post most frequently on my artist Instagram page (follow the link on the right hand side) so head on over, take a peek and follow along!

All my best to you guys, and thank you for the continued support!!